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Drug Testing Definitions


Indicates the successful completion of a drug test.


Indicates the failure to successfully complete a drug test and is advised of the drug(s) that were confirmed.

Set Aside

This test which is cancelled by the Medical Review Officer allows the company policy to determine if another test should be conducted.

Generally, this result is reported in certain circumstances when the MRO cannot report a definitive result. This could be a result of, but not limited to:

Low-grade morphine with the denial of donor of use.
Low-grade morphine or codeine where the donor is not available for interview.

Dilute Specimen

The laboratory reports the vast majority of dilute specimens as negative. They report this way because the dilute range is not outside the limits of normal human urine but may be slightly below the “normal” range due to intake of liquids or other normal activities. The MRO will generally report these as negative with the creatinine levels on the result. Low creatinine, PH, and/or specific gravity on a confirmed positive result will not affect the MRO process.


Indicates that the testing process was not completed. Various reasons such as mismatched identification numbers or insufficient urine will cause a test to be canceled by both the laboratory and the Medical Review Officer.


Indicates that the testing process was not completed because an identifiable interfering agent such as bleach, iodine, chromium, salt etc, has caused the testing to be discontinued at the laboratory. The MRO would report this result as adulterated naming the product and MRO intervention is performed.

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