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Commercial Driver Testing Services

D.O.T. Medical Exams Public Utility Commission Consultant Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
Drug Testing Public Utility Commission Services C-SAT Testing Program
Alcohol Testing Policy Development Third party administrative services
Paternity Testing Mobile Services Supervisor Training
Pre-Hire Physicals Medical Review Services Substance abuse professional referral

State Of The Art Result and Test Reporting Options
Email Reporting
Fax Reporting
Automated Response Via Voice
Automated Response Fax Back

Why would anyone even consider a substance of abuse testing program that created extra work, didn't save bottom line dollars, and

wasn't beneficial for a happy and healthy workplace?

It is our goal to provide your organization with the proper tools to make your program meet and exceed all these goals while being

simple, compliant, cost effective, comprehensive, and turn key.

Bottom Line: Body Zone Chiropractic is service based and client driven. We believe as a team we will affect your bottom line,

workforce, workplace initiatives, and more with continually positive results.

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